Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Middlesex Handoff


After much silence, I've finally begun Middlesex. I think I'll revise and reissue Miranda's previous posts, adding my thoughts in a different color or something. If I get ambitious, I'll add some summary posts.

I gave up on the Faulkner book, it was way too painful.

To make an effort to acheive my 25 books a year goal, I've made a little calendar for myself, laying out the book plan. I'm thinking about posting it here, but the sidebar is already quite full. I might just put up a link to it instead, or add it as a blog entry and I can repost it whenever I make changes.

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miranda. said...

I don't typically write too much about the books I've read (I'm really bad at chapter-by-chapter analysis), so I don't know if you really want to redo mine instead of your own. Whichever you think would work best for you. It's a good book though, and I think you'll enjoy it.