Monday, June 15, 2009

Defeated Sigh

Well, that looks kind of terrible.

Now I need to reread The Time Traveler's Wife just so I can remind myself that it's really a fantastic, painful, romantic, heartbreaking book. I knew it would be rough to transition this story to the screen, but this trailer looks like they've taken all the depth and darkness out of the book and just left in the love story. Which mostly defeats the purpose of the book. The book was terrifically dark, and the strength of the story was showing how these two people were able to able to pull joy from a life and love that was ultimately doomed. And I really really hate that they show her pregnant in the trailer. Either they just gave away a huge plot development, or they cut out the part about Clare's miscarriages. Which was possibly the biggest struggle of their marriage, and therefor the most rewarding when they finally get little Alba.

Who has my copy? It's not on my bookshelf. Bessman?

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Abby-Wan Kenobi said...

I almost became physically ill watching that trailer. Way to a)give away the whole movie and b)take away all the pain that made the story beautiful. It looks like they've watered it down to a chick-flick where the wife is unhappy with the husband's lifestyle.

Oh, and a cursory glance at the bookshelves visible from my sofa does not reveal your book. I read this ages ago, If I didn't return it maybe I passed it on to LVM?