Monday, January 21, 2008

Finishing Time Traveler

I finished up Time Traveler's Wife yesterday.

If you don't want the ending to be spoiled stop reading here.

So I enjoyed the book immensely. I did get close to doing what Randa wanted to do- when things started looking bad, just put the book down and pretend everyone lived happily ever after. But despite the sad ending (yeah I cried a little) I think it was a good finish. I mean, there wasn't really a way to end it happily, you basically had to kill Henry off. I just wish the whole feet thing didn't happen. It was a little gross for me. I did love the daughter though. Maybe Alba can have her own book (Sequel: The Time Traveler's Chrono-Displaced Daughter). She seems like an awesome kid. The whole concept of hanging out with another of yourself seems awesome. Like if I'm a bitch, do I hate the other me because she's a bitch? Probably. I don't know. Its kind of awesome.

Also, I'm thinking about rereading Slaughter-House Five for the express purpose of comparing the theories of time travel. Plus I just really like that book. If anybody is interested, maybe we can find some other books with involuntary time travelers and we can compare all of them. Lemme know.



miranda. said...

Good luck with rereading Slaughterhouse Five, because I'm pretty sure your copy is downstairs on my bookshelf.

Dia Zaferopulos said...

I haven't read this blog entry yet, but I saw that it had to do with the Time Traveler's Wife because I'm currently on the chapter "Eat or Be Eaten".

Zoey said...

Hi, i'm Zoey. I just joined your book club approximately ten minutes ago. I vacationed with your (abby's) family. I'm friends with Lauren.

Okay, so. I just happened to read this book while I was on vacation. I really enjoyed it too, but I was really disappointed in Clare's character by the end. She never seemed to live her life like Henry wanted her to. I mean, i think we can just assume that because they skip her life from when she was like 40 to about 82 or something. I just took that to mean that nothing of huge consequence happened in those years? Anyway, yeah, I just wish she would have been less dependent on Henry and lived her life a little more.