Monday, December 29, 2008

Currently Reading

I don't have a new review to post, because I haven't finished a book in the last month. Longer than that, probably. I got this new social life thing and it's really cutting into my reading time. But, here is a summary of what I have been reading, but not finishing:

1- Snow Falling on Cedars. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before. I think I'm just going to take it back to the library, I'm not going to finish it right now. I'll get it again someday, but I'm too distracted by Jane Austen and the 3 awesome books I got for Christmas.

2- Northanger Abbey. My first Austen, and I'm loving it. I started reading it last week when our power was out (couldn't find Cedars in the dark) and I was really enjoying it. But then Christmas rolled around and now I'm distracted by...

3- Good Omens. So far, very good. The story is, basically: What if, in The Omen, Damien was accidentally given to the wrong family? Hijinks ensue. I also have The Keeper and Wicked lined up (this is actually the first year I've recieved books off my amazon wishlist... we should keep this up).

So there. You have a taste of what's to come. Please Please Please, somebody else post about what they've been reading. I feel like I'm talking to myself up in herr.

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