Monday, February 18, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 13

--by Abby

Just kidding. The twins did not drown. Instead Lola was attacked near the water. Chapter 13 was unlucky. Lola molested by Marshall, the twins unfound, and poor innocent Robbie's about to be accused by Briony who is getting less likable by the second.

I'm a little upset by the gigantic flash-forward the author gives us about the inquisition into Lola's attack. It's depressing to know how everything is going to go following this tragedy iced in misinformation. Instinctively I would hope that Marshall would be seen covered in mud and Robbie would come in all clean and that people would use logic and not quite believe Briony. I'd hope that Cecilia would defend him and Emily would remember hearing Marshall and Lola in the nursery and someone would get to the truth. But now I know it's all going south. There appears to be no way this clusterfuck is going to work itself out. Seems unfortunate.

Briony is a menace. I was just so getting to like Robbie and now you know its going to be nothing but terribleness for him. Sigh.

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