Sunday, February 17, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 9

Well! Things are finally heating up a bit. Excitement.

Not at first though. It's another Cecilia chapter and I have to say she's somewhat a bore. Perhaps because she is, herself, bored. Despite her minor delusions of grandeur, she is luckily getting smarter. After a lot of 'what dress to wear' and 'how to fix all the house's problems' she has a Clueless moment when she realizes her true feelings for Robbie. Perfection.

Unfortunately she also realizes in this moment that young Briony has read this strongly-worded letter. Uh oh. That cannot be good.

We also get further insight to the life of Leon in this chapter (and a bit in the short Briony chapter as well). His story is apparently to be told by those who idolize him. He appears to be a shallow, useless human being. It says something about his sisters that they worship him the way they do. It is concerning.

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