Monday, February 18, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 15

--by Abby

Part Two! There are no chapters, but there are breaks in the book, so I'll just keep numbering as if they are chapters. For reference, in my paperback copy Part II started on page 243, and chapter 15 ends midway down 257.

We've flashed forward. The earlier account of the inquisition and trial has eliminated the need for anything after the terrible end of Part I. We join Robbie Turner, a low-ranking soldier leading two corporals through the French countryside as England retreats and leaves the French to fight the Germans alone.

In this account they befriend some Frenchman. Robbie is injured; he's got some shrapnel between the ribs and is hiding it from his travel buddies.

I'm in need of some background. Here's hoping the next bit explains how Robbie ended up in the army.

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