Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 6

--by Abby

Ahhh, the characters reveal themselves. Emily Tallis, the mother but not the matriarch. It seems she is plagued with migraines and is now living in constant fear of them so she is constantly in the safety of her cave bedroom, shielded against light, and sound and life.

Despite her invalidity, she seems to be quite on top of household events. Its possible this is how all mothers operate: with super-senses that can detect actions in distant wings of her homestead. Sharp.

I don't know. I didn't love this chapter, just because Emily Tallis is a depressing person. Her life appears to be minutia. Though her love for her children is nice. Still... I'm not sure how strong her influence can be in this story, I think she's just going to be victimized by the whims and disregard of her children.

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