Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 4

--by Abby

Finally we have some interaction between the siblings. The chapter kicks off with Cecilia and Briony, struggling to redefine their relationship more as equals than nurturer and child. Briony is really in a state. I like that having discovered realism, Briony is disgusted with her tales of morality. How true that a great love can seem stupid when you discover something more sophisticated.

We also meet Leon, who seems a nice enough guy. His friend Marshall seems like a tool. I dunno. I love that both Tallis sisters seem to have a masochistic streak. They take a sick joy in self-destruction. Excellent.

It seems Briony is our view of the future and Cecilia is the window to the past. Her story is peppered with memories and flashbacks, not just to her own childhood, but the joint lives of her family.

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