Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 5

--by Abby

Okay, previous speculation that every chapter would focus on Briony or Cecilia was wrong. We've found ourselves in a Lola chapter.

It seems that we are piling on the events of a few hours from the perspectives of many characters, so this is Lola just after Briony abandoned the play, while Cecilia, Leon and Paul are at the pool, and then after when Paul Marshall meets the Quincey children.

Paul Marshall seems like a creepy dude. I feel that there is a chance for pedophilia romance between him and Lola. Particularly because her name is Lola.

Other than that, the events of this chapter really just showed how screwed up the Quincey kids are about their parents divorce, and the cultural climate of the time. Not terribly exciting.

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