Thursday, February 14, 2008

Book Club Suggestion

--by Abby

I am not making good progress in Atonement, because I spend all my time on engineering. Lame!

A book I know at least 3 of us have read is Love is a Mix Tape by Rob Scheffield. I believe Dia has it at the moment... Maybe we can circulate this?

Blurb: "Music critic Sheffield's touching and poignant memoir of love and death will strike a chord in anyone who has used a hand-selected set of songs to try to express something that can't be put into words. A socially awkward adolescent, Sheffield finds true love as a college student in the late '80s with Renée, a "hell-raising Appalachian punk-rock girl." ... Each chapter opens with a song list from a mix tape made at the time."

I loveded this book. I laughed, I cried, you know. I'd read it again and post chapter-to-chapter if anyone is interested. Also, I feel that someone should make an audio companion so we could listen to the songs as they are on the tapes. I have no time for this obviously, but it would kick ass.

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miranda. said...

Dude- I was just looking at this book on my shelf last night and thought about posting something here. But it's been like a year since I read it so I would probably want to re-read at least parts of it before writing about it. And I've got way too many other books in line to re-read. Plus I've been so busy with work I can't even think about reading more books!

See, it's funny because I work in a library. Part-time.