Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 16

(ending pg. 273)

Ah, the background. So Robbie went to jail and joined the army to shorten his sentence. All well and good until war is declared.

I'm very pleased that Cecilia found the strength of character to disown her family completely. Very dramatic and appropriate. This was an excellent "chapter" in that it was more events, less lengthy descriptions of emotions. Of course the book couldn't be girlier, with Robbie hopelessly devoted after years of separation and on the one occasion they met they were barely able to kiss. Such longing!

While Cecilia seems optimistic that Briony's reappearance can fix Robbie's situation, I am less convinced. I'm hoping older Briony is still a crazy person. Ooooh or better, a whore. That could be fun. Onward!

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