Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Atonement - Ch. 2

--by Abby

Chapter 2 is all about Cecilia. Cecilia seems a bit like a man without a country. She's no longer needed at home, but hasn't found a satisfactory route to strike out on her own. So she's floundering, wasting time, bored but lazy. Seems like a situation in which one could start making some bad decisions. And she's even got a neighbor to help her.

Obviously, Cecilia and Robbie have a messed up relationship. Since we haven't been given too much background at this point, I'm assuming they used to be in love, or imagine they'd end up together. College confused everything and the phrase "could his first have gone to his head?" that makes it seem like Robbie had a lover in college. That tramp.

I am still trying to decide if all the background about Uncle Clem and the vase was just to add weight to the vase's breakage or if there are other reasons for hearing of Clem's heroics. Probably Cecilia's father's reaction will be terrible.

I'm also thinking that the ugliness of the house, the weakness of the fountain, and the wildflowers are all symbols or metaphors for the character of our characters. More on that in the chapters to come.

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miranda. said...

Robbie's "first" literally refers to his honors degree from college. He was a better student than Cecilia; she got a third, if I remember correctly. Of course, it could represent more than just the degree, who doesn't love symbolism?